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My name is Anthony DeMartinis and I am a percussion instructor. I am a solo and collaborative musician, educator, and researcher. I have received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Percussion Performance and Chamber Music from the University of Michigan.  I am currently a doctoral student at University of Wisconsin- Madison studying Percussion with a minor in Jazz Studies. My teaching experiences have included being the Assistant Drum Line Instructor of the University of Michigan, a percussion instructor for the Detroit Symphony Youth Orchestra, working with local public school students, and several years of private music teaching.  


As a musician, I have been involved with a variety of performing and teaching opportunities, and as such, my pedagogy pulls from each of these diverse experiences. I believe that music should be enjoyed and explored by everybody from young professionals interested in perfecting their 4-mallet instrument technique, to high school students in marching band, to enthusiasts who want to learn how to play their favorite songs on drum set!

Lesson Topics

I teach a variety of skills pertaining to percussion and music including:

Classical Percussion

Drum Set

Marching Band

Including concert band and orchestra, marimba and vibraphone lessons, and solo and chamber performance

If you're looking to audition for a school jazz band, or want to be able to play your favorite music!

For snare drum, quads, bass drum, and cymbals

Schedule a Trial Lesson Now!

I'd love to meet with you to discuss your goals and see if we're a good fit for each other. 

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