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My name is Dr. Alissa Freeman and I am the director and instructor of Panoramic Piano Studio. I am a solo and collaborative pianist, piano teacher, and music researcher, and have bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in piano performance and pedagogy. I have had unique experiences working with some of the top instructors in the world to hone my own piano skills and develop my own teaching philosophies.  I appreciate the value of music making in its many forms, whether that be competing and performing publicly or playing as a hobby in one's own home.  My pedagogical background and training has offered me unique tools and insights to teach a wide variety of learners, and I look forward to taking on new students. If you'd like to read more about me, you can click here.

Wooden Piano

"There are talented performers and excellent scholars, and occasionally I meet people who excel in both disciplines.  However, to find someone with those gifts who is also a skilled teacher is rare.   Dr. Freeman is one such treasure.  Her natural ability to connect, and share genuine enthusiasm and love for music, with her students is complemented by her skillful pedagogy and well cultivated instructional strategies.  I am so grateful for the hard work she has done to encourage and nurture my two young emerging musicians.  I give Dr. Freeman and her Studio my highest and unreserved endorsement."


"Alissa was an amazing teacher. She made me really enjoy playing the piano. She conducted the class in such a way that I never felt embarrassed if I made a mistake. Of the few piano teachers I have experience with, she has been my favorite."


Piano Practice