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Embark on a New Musical Journey

Piano Lessons for All Learners

Whether you're an experienced pianist looking to apply for college music degrees or are new to the piano altogether, I would love to help you reach your goals through piano lessons at Panoramic Piano Studio! If you are looking for in person piano lessons in Madison, WI (located in the Tenney-Lapham neighborhood) or virtual piano lessons anywhere else, Panoramic Piano Studio has options for you. Group piano lessons are also available on the West Side of Madison.

Child Playing Piano
Blending New and Traditional Approaches

In our piano lessons we will use numerous methods including Taubman, Suzuki, and Dalcroze. As a teacher I have learned about these unique musical methods so that I can offer my students what works best for them. We emphasize the importance of creative piano playing by studying music theory, composition, and improvisation. Rather than just having in person lessons, I also give students opportunities to learn and perform in groups. Your goals are your own and I want to help you reach them, so my mission is to spend our time learning what will set you up for success. Because I believe it can help enhance your journey and make learning more relaxing and enjoyable, we may also incorporate elements of mindfulness including gentle stretching and breathing techniques. 


Cultivating Panoramic Perspectives

At Panoramic Piano Studio, students can explore the large landscape of piano music with openness and curiosity. Our monthly group piano lessons which will include performance opportunities, music theory classes, and music history classes, give students the regular opportunity to learn from each other and offer words of support and feedback.

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